Wednesday, 22 May 2013

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Every now and then we get a rug returned becuase a customer decides that is is not quite right for their home. However there is nothing wrong with the rugs so we keep them in the office and add them to our clearance section!

So if you are looking for a brand new quality rug at an unbeatable price that can be dispatched next day, you can't go wrong with our clearance rugs!

Below are some of our current rugs in the clearance section and they can be found along with the price and size on our website:

Friday, 17 May 2013

Anti-slip Rug Underlay - Your Q's Answered

It can be so frustrating when you spend time and money choosing the perfect rug for your room, but then when it arrives it keeps on slipping around the floor! Luckily there is an easy way to combat the slipping!

Anti-slip underlay can be ordered to your size specification so that all you have to do is put it under your rug when it arrives! It really is that simple! We have answered all of the commonly asked questions that we regularly get asked from our customers so that you can make an informed decision about which anti-slip underlay is right for you.  

Q. How do I know what type of underlay I need for my rug?
A. Profilo is a cushioned anti-slip underlay for use on smooth floors, such as wood or tile. Top fleece 2 can also be used for smooth floors but profile gives more cushioning and will last longer. Top-Fleece 2 is an anti-slip underlay for use on carpeted surfaces.

Q. What size should I order my underlay as?

A. Order your underlay the same size as the rug it will be going underneath. This is because your underlay can easily be trimmed with scissors if a little is showing outside the rug.  

Q. Can you wash underlay?
A. Yes you can wash both Profilo  and Top-Fleece 2.
Q. How thick is Profilo?
A. Profilio is 3mm thick. 

Q.  Can you uplift underlay?

A.  Profilo – Yes, you can uplift it and move it as often as you like.

Top Fleece 2 – This will lose a little of its effectiveness every time it is lifted.
Q. Does anti-slip underlay leave a residue on the floor or carpet?

A. No.
Q. Can anti-slip underlay be used with 
     underfloor heating?  
A. Yes
Q. Where are they made?      
A. Germany
Q. Where can I buy anti-slip underlay 
from for my rug?    
 A.  You can buy from our website!  
Click on the links below:
Profilo Anti-Slip Rug Underlay
Top Fleece 2 Anti-Slip Rug Underlay 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Rugs ARE Fashion - Mett Ball 2013

A rug is more than just a small carpet woven in a pattern of colors on our floor. They add personality, warmth and creative flair to our rooms. Just like clothes are created by fashion designers, rugs are created by designers too! Rugs vary massively from each other just like clothes do. There really is a perfect rug for everyone! 

Here we have found rugs from our website that match the outfits worn last night at the world famous Mett Ball! Information is provided about the stars outfit and the rug comparisons!
To view more of our rugs visit our website: