Saturday, 28 June 2014

Kids Rugs galore, buy online at rugs direct
Rugs direct online is pleased to say we are continuing to extend our kids range of rugs and we have a wonderful selection from Arte Espina to bring you.

In our wildlife range I am sure there is an animal to please any child. From Bunnies to Bears and Tigers to Hippos all in a playful wonderland. They are bright and have a sense of fun for any children s room.

Each rug is handtufted with 100% 'Espirelle' Acrylic, and a heavy pile weight of 3520 grams per sq/m. 'Espirelle' is an extremely durable and hard wearing material with the look and feel of wool. Espirelle is also easy to clean and maintain, most stains can be removed with water only. The TÜV/TFI quality seal and Öko-Tex standard 100 guarantee that the rugs in the collection conform with the pollutant norms, do not pose a health hazard and stand for a high-quality product.

 Theses rugs are a great addition to the collection online and we are sure will make any child smile with happiness. There are plenty of others to choose from all online, and if animals are not your thing (or your child's) they we also have cars, tractors, race tracks and Pink princess's castle as well as rugs that glow in the dark.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Blooming Lovely new rugs to buy online at Rugs direct

If you are looking for a real splash of colour in your life and love flowers then we have a new range for you, from Rugs Direct online.

These Modern Rugs are wonderfully colourful and would add something to any living room or bedroom alike.
These modern rugs are creating a storm in Europe and now rugs direct are bringing them to the UK. They are bold and will be a talking point for friends, family and guests. Bold enough to sit in any room and make a statement we think.

The Arte Espina 'Bloom' range brings bold modern floral designs to your floor. Each rug is handtufted with 100% 'Espirelle' Acrylic, and a heavy pile weight of 3250 grams per sq/m.

'Espirelle' is an extremly durable and heardwearing material with the look and feel of wool. Espirelle is also easy to clean and maintain, most stains can be removed with water only. The TÜV/TFI quality seal and Öko-Tex standard 100 guarantee that the rugs in the collection conform with the pollutant norms, do not pose a health hazard and stand for a high-quality product.

The designs come in many different colours and 5 standard sizes, so you will be easily able to find one that will fit into your room.

Monday, 23 June 2014

A Rug to keep your feet warm

You have had a long day, and you have a glass of wine in hand or a beer to drink. You have put shorts on this evening because everyone else was enjoying the sun all day.
You sit in your wonderfully comfy sofa, switch on the TV or catch up with loved ones, but in a few minutes you realise shorts this evening wasn't the right idea. Why? Because your feet are cold!

It is amazing how, if your feet become cold, then the rest of you can quickly believe the temperature has dropped. However, the sun is still up, and surely it can’t be that cold... And adding socks is not the look you were going for. So what do you do?

Well, it's time for a modern rug under your feet. Look after your feet and put a luxurious rug beneath them. Your feet will soon keep warm on these lovely long nights. Now a shaggy rug will give a texture for your feet to sink into. Feel the threads through your toes as you eat your dinner. 
Alternatively we would suggest a wool rug for this. Their natural properties are sure to do the trick. You could even put a sheepskin down for a great look; you don’t have to have cream as there are now many colours to choose from.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Hallway runners can help make an entrace

As you come home every night you look at your hallway. You know it needs attention, but having the carpet re-laid is going to be a big job. You will have to move everything, finding space for furniture to go, and then you will have wait until the fitter can fit you in. However, in moments you could fix the problem yourself.

Jazz hallway runner
Hallways and other high traffic areas can quickly show the signs of a trodden path, the flattening of the pile in your carpet in the line people walk. 

Yet the rest of the carpet looks perfect. This is the time when you just need to add a rug or hallway runner. It is fast and simple, and buying rugs online really couldn't be simpler. You can make a room look new without doing that much, except putting the rug down.

Royal hallway runner
Royal hallway runner
Either a traditional or modern rug can do the trick. This can transform the area by either making a statement or blending into its surroundings. 
Changing the entrance to your house with a hallway runner will make a great first impression to guests. A light rug in a darker room with no windows may add light and depth to a room, while a bright room may need a rug will bright colours. Buying a hallway runner online could not be easier.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Matching rugs for each room by using Rugs Direct Online

Matching your rugs with each room is an art, and with some simple thought, modern rugs can transform areas of the house.
If your living room or area has a door on to the garden then it is great to try and connect the two, when the doors are wide open. Now summer is approaching (I know some would say it is here!), it is time to start thinking about how will you entertain this summer if, just as you are outside the temperature drops a little and people would prefer to be inside or that light shower arrives just as the BBQ has been lit. You don’t want to lose that garden feel or connection as your guests enjoy the evening.

Using bright colours in your rug that match the flowers in the garden is a great way to connect that living room and the garden. Or if you have a hanging basket outside any bedroom window, match the rug with the window box arrangement and the eye will be drawn to both and create the connection with the outside.

A fresh bright new rug next to the outside door may also encourage guests to take shoes off as they enter the house, especially good when your parties are interrupted by light rain. Then you can provide your guests with a wonderful luxurious feel as their bare feet step into your house. 
The other benefit is if people step in from the garden onto the rug first without removing their shoes, then once they have gone you can remove the rug for cleaning and your carpet or laminate will still look wonderful for the rest of the week.

Buying rugs online can be a great way to assess which rug in which room, as you can walk around with the laptop or tablet and see if the colours are the right ones or that particular room

Friday, 13 June 2014

Buying Rugs Online. A guide to buying a rug.

Buying a rug online can be a dilemma but it really shouldn't be.  Rugs are being sold online in their thousands each week, so you are not alone. You may see a lot of jargon on a rug website but hopefully we can deliver a simple message to help.
Love Rug
Love rug 

After choosing the colour of the rug you wish to buy you are probably interested in how it feels. That's made up of the pile and the manufacture of the rug. Pile is described often by depthhigh, low or shallow. This is easy to describe on a shaggy rug. If you place your open hand, fingers spread wide, and the pile of the rug comes through between your fingers, this is a deep pile, or others might use the word depth and provide a measurement. 
Eva Mist

This is not the only way a rug can feel luxurious,  and in fact many people dislike that shaggy rug effect and prefer a close pile (or shallow) rug. These rugs are just as soft and gentle to walk on, and can be a little easier to vacuum clean!

You know your colour preference and whether you want a shaggy rug or not, so the next question is the pattern. There is plenty to choose from and this can be the daunting bit. Yet the style of your home will reflect the rug you want in your living room, bedroom or any other room. Do you want it to be the centre piece of the room? A statement, where eyes are first drawn, as with a modern rug? Or do you want it to blend in, complement the colour scheme of the room or simply cover up the stain on the carpet. It is easier to cover it with a rug than replace the whole carpet for that room. And let's not forget the hallway. A beautiful hallway runner can really make the entrance to your home as you welcome your guests.

So you have picked your rug, you now want to know that you can trust the online company you choose. The obvious way is to see who has been around for a long time. RugsDirect for example, has been around since 1984, totaling 30 years of buying and selling rugs, and since 1998 they have been online (16 years).  So take time to look around at the site you choose: The About Us page is a great place to start, to give you confidence. Don’t be fooled by big discount statements on websites - make sure they haven’t just increased their prices so they can offer a discount.

So, you are almost there. Take your time in choosing and you will have a rug to love for many years to come.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bring Summer inside with a new Rug

As the sun shines and we look forward to what might be the hottest day of the year, we might be starting to open our doors or use rooms that haven't been used for a while. Maybe it is your first outing to the summer cottage.

Buying a Sisal rug can bring the outside in, well not literally. But it does make any room just feel that bit brighter and reminds ourselves of the summer holidays and it just seems to extend the room outside with the doors wide open.

They come in many sizes and colours so they will fit any room or decor. Why not take a look.

Red Linen Rug
Linen / Red Sisal Rug

You can buy this and many other modern rugs online at