Friday, 20 June 2014

Hallway runners can help make an entrace

As you come home every night you look at your hallway. You know it needs attention, but having the carpet re-laid is going to be a big job. You will have to move everything, finding space for furniture to go, and then you will have wait until the fitter can fit you in. However, in moments you could fix the problem yourself.

Jazz hallway runner
Hallways and other high traffic areas can quickly show the signs of a trodden path, the flattening of the pile in your carpet in the line people walk. 

Yet the rest of the carpet looks perfect. This is the time when you just need to add a rug or hallway runner. It is fast and simple, and buying rugs online really couldn't be simpler. You can make a room look new without doing that much, except putting the rug down.

Royal hallway runner
Royal hallway runner
Either a traditional or modern rug can do the trick. This can transform the area by either making a statement or blending into its surroundings. 
Changing the entrance to your house with a hallway runner will make a great first impression to guests. A light rug in a darker room with no windows may add light and depth to a room, while a bright room may need a rug will bright colours. Buying a hallway runner online could not be easier.

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