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Buying Rugs Online. A guide to buying a rug.

Buying a rug online can be a dilemma but it really shouldn't be.  Rugs are being sold online in their thousands each week, so you are not alone. You may see a lot of jargon on a rug website but hopefully we can deliver a simple message to help.
Love Rug
Love rug 

After choosing the colour of the rug you wish to buy you are probably interested in how it feels. That's made up of the pile and the manufacture of the rug. Pile is described often by depthhigh, low or shallow. This is easy to describe on a shaggy rug. If you place your open hand, fingers spread wide, and the pile of the rug comes through between your fingers, this is a deep pile, or others might use the word depth and provide a measurement. 
Eva Mist

This is not the only way a rug can feel luxurious,  and in fact many people dislike that shaggy rug effect and prefer a close pile (or shallow) rug. These rugs are just as soft and gentle to walk on, and can be a little easier to vacuum clean!

You know your colour preference and whether you want a shaggy rug or not, so the next question is the pattern. There is plenty to choose from and this can be the daunting bit. Yet the style of your home will reflect the rug you want in your living room, bedroom or any other room. Do you want it to be the centre piece of the room? A statement, where eyes are first drawn, as with a modern rug? Or do you want it to blend in, complement the colour scheme of the room or simply cover up the stain on the carpet. It is easier to cover it with a rug than replace the whole carpet for that room. And let's not forget the hallway. A beautiful hallway runner can really make the entrance to your home as you welcome your guests.

So you have picked your rug, you now want to know that you can trust the online company you choose. The obvious way is to see who has been around for a long time. RugsDirect for example, has been around since 1984, totaling 30 years of buying and selling rugs, and since 1998 they have been online (16 years).  So take time to look around at the site you choose: The About Us page is a great place to start, to give you confidence. Don’t be fooled by big discount statements on websites - make sure they haven’t just increased their prices so they can offer a discount.

So, you are almost there. Take your time in choosing and you will have a rug to love for many years to come.

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