Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Rugs Direct - Newsletter - 12/09/12

At Rugs Direct we source only quality rugs from leading manufacturers and this week’s newsletter focuses on one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wilton rugs and carpets, Lano. They produce high quality woven wilton rugs in both traditional and contemporary designs.

Our traditional rugs from Lano include the Farsistan range. These rugs are carefully manufactured using only the best raw materials for exceptional quality. They feature many fine design elements as a tribute to the creativity of the ancient craftsmen, whose priceless original masterpieces can only be found today in museums. These are heavyweight 100% pure wool rugs and bear the Wool Mark. These rugs are also accredited with an International Quality Classification of T6, which is the highest rating for a wilton rug, and denotes a very high quality, dense pile suitable for heavy traffic areas. These lovely traditional rugs are one of our heaviest wilton rug ranges and are available in authentic shades including red, terracotta, beige and green.

Lano also manufacture rugs from 100% polypropylene, again using classical designs and also suitable for heavy traffic areas. We offer the Kamira range, which are stylish, available in small and large rectangular rugs and hall runners. These rugs are carefully manufactured in heavyweight Polypropylene with an International Quality Classification of T5, denoting an excellent quality dense pile.

If you are looking for the same quality but in a more contemporary rug style then the Kamira Ethnic and Tivoli ranges would be perfect. Tivoli is a stunning new range of patterned rugs in muted colours to compliment todays modern environment, bringing comfort and style to any contemporary setting. Kamira Ethnic rugs are woven in stylish patterns with a modern take on ethnic designs. Both ranges are made of 100% Polypropylene.

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Rugs Direct - Newsletter - (05/09/12)

We haven’t had such a great summer this year in the UK, so how about cheering yourself up with one of the fantastic new quality rugs we’ve added to Rugs Direct from the renowned carpet designers, Asiatic. They are world leaders in fashion rugs and have won awards for their well designed and innovative products. 

From their contemporary rug collection we’re featuring the Jazz range. These rugs are made from 50% polyester, 30% wool and 20% viscose and are heavy with varying pile heights that accentuate the subtle geometric patterns. The plain colours have understated metallic highlights adding to an opulent and sophisticated feel. These are chic rugs that will add both luxury and distinction to your room.

Keeping the emphasis on luxury, we have the Kura range made from 100% polyester with all the benefits of an easy to manage yarn. These rugs have been hand tufted with a dense and deep pile, making them very soft underfoot. An organic scroll design has been etched into the thick pile creating a distinctive pattern. Luxurious and beautiful these are some of the best examples of modern rug design at affordable prices.

The Brilliant rug collection is again hand woven from 100% polyester but this time they’ve used a loop pile. The loop weave creates a thick pile and reflects the light giving a lovely shimmering effect. These rugs bring a warm yet sophisticated feel to any space.
If you’re looking for modern rugs combining luxury with a slightly minimalist feel these are three ranges to take a look at.

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Rugs Direct - Newsletter - 29/8/12

This week’s newsletter from Rugs Direct features the innovative Dutch rug designers Arte Espina and highlights some of their renowned contemporary rug collections. 

Arte Espina rugs are hand tufted in China in a range of funky, modern and plain styles. Glorious colours and textures are their trademark, often using their own acrylic yarn called Espirelle. The pile is always luxuriously soft on these good quality rugs and they often feature a textured surface adding to the chic contemporary feel of these very modern rugs. The colours are always vibrant and the designs range from the classic to the eclectic.

 Arte Espina rugs are well known for their high quality and contemporary design and are much in demand by interior designers.
Arte Espina also produce a range of colorful and fun children’s rugs. The range includes maps and animals as well as nursery and cartoon characters. The unique rugs will delight children and bring a cheerful warmth to any bedroom.

 Even their plain rug collections like Swing and Beat make a big statement. These high quality rugs are shaggy and colour fast with a pile height of 40mm and 60mm respectively.
If you’re looking for a bargain check out our discounted rug range. We currently have 2 rugs from Arte Espina on special offer, a Swing rug and an Action Painting rug.

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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Rugs Direct - Newsletter - 22/8/12

This week’s newsletter focuses on 3 new contemporary rug collections from Asiatic carpets. They are world leaders in fashion rugs and are renowned for their well designed and innovative products. Modern rugs par excellence.

The Dolce collection is constructed from 80% viscose and 20% cotton, these yarns are hand woven and hand washed for radiance and softness. It has a lovely soft pile with the viscose giving the surface a gorgeous sheen, making the colours change according to the level and the angle of the light. These very contemporary rugs are all plain rugs with a sophisticated feel.

The Bellagio collection uses 100% viscose hand woven in fine lines of cut and loop giving a tailored finish. The viscose is silky underfoot and the short pile adds to the formal affect. These plain rugs have texture and sheen and create a minimalist look.

The Grosvenor collection is made from 60% viscose and 40% wool, these two yarns combine warmth and lustre and give a heavy weight but soft pile to these chic rugs. The colour palette is understated and gives an elegant and sophisticated feel to these high quality rugs.

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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Rugs Direct - Newsletter - 15/08/12

New in this week from Oriental Weavers are two beautiful modern rug collections that are also traditional and practical. Checked Flatweave and Greek Key Flatweave are both inspired by the iconic sisal rug, the flatweave collection is durable, fashionable and affordable. They incorporate an anti-slip gel back and are woven from 100% polypropylene yarn, which is very forgiving in the modern home environment. It is resistant to fading and stains and is extremely hardwearing. They come in a subtle range of pastel colours to suit all decors. These are good quality rugs and very modern rugs whilst still retaining that traditional feel and all importantly they are eminently affordable.

We are also delighted to be able to offer the Pixels range, a contemporary rug collection that is truly luxurious. They are hand-made in India using the finest wool and viscose silk yarns; these high quality rugs a very thick and heavy with a soft pile. The designer has used neutral tones and contrasting vibrant colours to create an exciting modern range.  These rugs will add both warmth and colour with their sophisticated designs and high quality materials.

Don’t forget to check our latest clearance rugs we always have good bargains on offer.

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