Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Rugs Direct - Newsletter - 22/8/12

This week’s newsletter focuses on 3 new contemporary rug collections from Asiatic carpets. They are world leaders in fashion rugs and are renowned for their well designed and innovative products. Modern rugs par excellence.

The Dolce collection is constructed from 80% viscose and 20% cotton, these yarns are hand woven and hand washed for radiance and softness. It has a lovely soft pile with the viscose giving the surface a gorgeous sheen, making the colours change according to the level and the angle of the light. These very contemporary rugs are all plain rugs with a sophisticated feel.

The Bellagio collection uses 100% viscose hand woven in fine lines of cut and loop giving a tailored finish. The viscose is silky underfoot and the short pile adds to the formal affect. These plain rugs have texture and sheen and create a minimalist look.

The Grosvenor collection is made from 60% viscose and 40% wool, these two yarns combine warmth and lustre and give a heavy weight but soft pile to these chic rugs. The colour palette is understated and gives an elegant and sophisticated feel to these high quality rugs.

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