Friday, 31 October 2014

Shaggy Rugs: The UK's Next Favourite Rug?

Shaggy Rugs: The UK's Next Favourite Rug?

Just as in any industry, the tastes and trends within the world or rugs is always in flux.
The popularity of certain types of rug can wax and wane at almost any time, and we’re always surprised to learn about which specific rug will be the nation’s new favourite. Well, from the looks of recent history, shaggy rugs are the newest ‘must-have’ rug for the UK. So is this a shaggy rug renaissance, or just a flash in the pan? Let’s find out.

The history of shaggy rugs

The long pile shaggy rug has always been a relatively popular choice in the UK. Way back in the 1960s when rugs like this were first imported from countries like China and India, shaggy rugs took off in a big way. You only need to look at some of the memorabilia or movies from that era to see the specific type of shaggy rug that seemed to be prevalent on almost every floor. Vivid colours were big time too, with lots of bright and colourful designs in the midst of that long pile. Classic shaggy rug designs, like the Cascade Rugs, have always been popular – but recently they’re really catching on.

The role of texture and feel

One of the style choices you’ll see in lots of modern interior design is texture – and that’s not just in relation to shaggy rugs. From wallpaper to flooring, cushions to bedding, the way things feel is becoming more important in the 21st Century. That could explain the surge in popularity of shaggy rugs such as the Dumroo Rugs range. Made from textured pile for an effortlessly soft touch, it’s no wonder shaggy rugs like this are so sought-after.

Is a shaggy rug for you?

It’s not always obvious whether or not a specific rug type will be good for your home. That’s why we recommend that you browse all available rugs before making your decision. The shaggy rugs can really bring a touch of elegance to a room, with the luxurious long pile and often very soft materials used. Colours are extensive too, with palettes ranging from flat block colours to rainbow-like expressions of real character. So be sure to look at all of our shaggy rugs before you join the latest revolution in rugs!

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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Modern Rugs this Halloween

The Weird (and Sometimes Spooky) World of Modern Rugs

With Halloween just around the corner, what better time to explore the more characterful side of modern rugs? It’s not all plain colours and square cuts, don’t you know!

It’s easy to see why some may feel that modern rugs could be a little staid or bland; after all, many of the modern rugs chosen by show homes and even interior design shops are just that way. But there’s a whole world of choice out there for people who want real character in their rugs. So let’s look at those rugs in more detail.

Glowy Spirit Modern Rugs

We’re not sure if glow in the dark modern rugs really count as ‘spooky’, but we had to get something in to justify the headline… right? Examples like the Glowy Spirit Wish rug showcase the addition of glow in the dark elements to great effect. All it takes is one glance to see just what kind of personality a rug like this can bring to a room. In addition to that eerie glow, these hand-tufted Chinese rugs are made of top quality fibres and feel great underfoot too.

Bazaar Indra Modern Rugs

If you want something that’s going to turn heads and really fall into the more unusual category of modern rugs, you want a Bazaar Indra rug. With a softly middle-eastern style, each of these rugs is essentially unique. This is because these are modern rugs made from recycled patches of other rugs. Just take a look: you can see that each square has a character all its own. You won’t find any modern rug that’s as unusual or eye-catching as a Bazaar Indra modern rug.

Harlequin Scroll and Dotty rugs

It takes a lot for a modern rug to truly stand out; a combination of both vibrant colours and intricate patterning. With the Harlequin Scroll and Dotty modern rugs, you get both of those elements and much more. Hand-tufted in China and made from a hard-wearing acrylic yarn, these eye-catching rugs will stand the test of time – and then some! The design itself is completely unique in the world of modern rugs, and it’s something that will easily become the focal point for any room in your home. Why not give it a shot for some real spice this October?

See… who knew that modern rugs had a spooky side? If you have any questions about the modern rugs we offer, you can call our team on 0845 838 8638 for some free expert advice. 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Colourful Rugs this Autumn

Brighten Your Home This Autumn with Colourful Rugs

As the evenings draw in and the weather begins to get just a little bit cooler, it can be a great time to bring a little sparkle to your home. And what better way to do that than with some colourful rugs? Here at Rugs Direct we’ve worked our way through our huge collection of rugs to pick out the best and brightest (quite literally, in some cases) colourful rugs that are the perfect way to keep colour on the menu in your home this autumn.

Colour Festival Rugs

Let’s start as we mean to go on, with something that really cooks… in the colourful rugs sense, that is. Our range of Colour Festival Rugs are a superb introduction to the world of colourful rugs. Made up of a beautifully angular design with blocks of bright, vivid colours, these are rugs that demand to be looked at. Hand-tufted in China, the Colour Festival Rugs are as soft to the touch as they are eye-catching. Made of a premium quality yarn for a long life, these colourful rugs are also very resilient to staining.

Festival 928X Rugs

If you’re a fan of the rainbow, have we got the colourful rug for you! The striking Festival 928X Rugs are an explosion of colour played out in a spectrum that extends across the expanse of the rug’s surface. Made in Egypt, these rugs are easy to clean and stain-resistant, but most importantly – incredibly bright and vivid.

Vintage Sunbird Rugs

Fancy bringing colour and history into your home with just one colourful rug? Then the Vintage Sunbird Rugs are for you. From manufacturer Louis De Poortere, these rugs are a true treat on the eyes, and really do define ‘colourful rugs’. Using a patchwork motif to really make an impression, you can choose from a range of bright and vivid designs – any one of which will really spruce up your home this autumn. These colourful rugs have been woven using the very best quality blend of both wool and chenille using wilton jacquard for that extra sense of ‘je ne sais quoi’. Need we say more?

Ready to find the ideal colourful rugs for your home this autumn? Then why note explore our full range in our online shop, or call our team on 0845 838 8638 for some free expert advice? We’d love to help you find your new colourful rug.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Stair Carpet Rods - Reasons they have a Place in your Home.

4 Reasons Stair Carpet Rods Have a Place in the Modern Home

If you want your home to have an elegant, timeless look with just a touch of the traditional, stair carpet rods are the perfect choice. These eye-catching accoutrements are far from outdated – so we’ve collected four of the very best reasons that stair carpet rods still have a place in the modern home. Let’s get started…

#4: Stair carpet rods neaten uneven carpet

If you already have carpet on your stairs, you may have noticed that there can be some ‘give’ or a loose fit around the corners where stairs meet. Stair carpet rods elegantly solve this problem. By installing a set of high quality, premium stair rods – like those we sell here at Stair Rods Direct – you can quickly and easily neaten up your stairs and bring a real touch of ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your house.

#3: An affordable way to improve interior design

Because stair carpet rods can be purchased in units as low as one, and because there are so many options available, they are a highly affordable interior design choice. There are generally two ends of the spectrum for stair carpet rods: hollow rods and solid rods. The former can be more affordable than the latter, though perhaps less hard wearing, but each can bring a sparkle to your home and improve the d├ęcor in one easy step.

#2: A huge range of styles and colours

If you thought stair carpet rods were boring – think again. Stair carpet rods are available in a wide range of builds (including both solid and hollow), as well as numerous metallic finishes and colours. You can also choose custom brackets for your stair carpet rods to complete the look, many of which have intricately designed tips for an extra hint of interest.

#1: They bring a touch of tradition (and look great)

Stair carpet rods are not overly common, which makes them something of a focal point in any home. If you’re looking for a way to pay homage to tradition whilst also maintaining that 21st Century design aesthetic, stair carpet rods can be the answer. With the wide variety of styles – including Easyrods, Tudor, Blacksmith and Homepride – stair carpet rods can be the perfection addition to your home.

To find your perfect stair carpet rods now, why not explore our ever-growing range of stair carpet rods? Or simply give us a call on 0845 838 8638.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Teal Rugs; Bringing a Splash of Colour to your Home

Every year it seems there’s a new colour that’s the year’s must-have. And because you’ve read the title already, you may well have guessed that 2014 is all about… that’s right: teal.
Perhaps the best way to describe teal is that it’s an almost perfect mix of green and blue. A peppy, vibrant colour with a lot of life, it’s no surprise that teal rugs are proving so popular this year. And here at Rugs Direct we’re never ones to shirk the trends, so we’ve got a host of superb teal rugs for you to try out for size. Here are our favourites.

Whisper Dark Teal Rug

If textured rugs are your thing, then you’ll just love this Whisper Dark Teal Rug. Crafted with a long pile to give a soft sheen, this rug is made in China from 100% polyester. Its rich teal colouring is enhanced by the design of the pile itself, with shades of light and dark appearing in its midst depending on the way each fibre has fallen. A truly eye-catching teal rug that’ll be at home in any room.

Nina Blossom Teal Rug

Made in Egypt using a hard-wearing material to ensure this teal rug will stand the test of time, the Nina Blossom Teal Rug is one of our customers’ favourites. Immediately striking, the rug is notable for its intricate and ornate design which uses teal as its backdrop. The design is hand-carved into the rug, making every one of these teal rugs a truly unique and individual piece.

The Peaks Matlock Teal Rugs

The Peaks Matlock Teal Rugs are actually a collection of rugs that are a true celebration of the colour. Made from a durable 100% acrylic material, this is a hard-wearing teal rug – but the real star of this show is the eye-catching design. Rather than simply sticking with a flat teal colour all the way through, this range of rugs uses unique patterns to explore the various shades of teal – and it’s something that makes them truly special.

Are you ready to bring a real splash of colour to your home with one of our teal rugs? Then why not explore our ever-growing range of teal rugs today? And if you have any questions, you can call our friendly team on 0845 838 8638 for some free expert advice.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Plantation Rugs: The UK’s Next Must-Have Rug Brand?

Finding the right rug for your home isn’t always an easy task – especially when there are so many options, brands, and styles. That’s why we like to highlight specific brands every now and then to give you the low-down on the latest trends in the rug world. Today we’d like to highlight Plantation Rugs. With a long history of creating luxurious, hand-tufted and fashionable rugs, this is a brand you can trust to produce rugs that are truly second to none.

A century of rug-making experience

Plantation Rugs has been producing high quality rugs since the 1930s. With almost a century of experience, you can be sure that Plantation Rugs are the best of the best – and it’s a business that’s proud to do things a bit differently. Unlike some other rug manufacturers, Plantation Rugs focuses on creating pieces with a fashionable sensibility. It aims to craft rugs that bring a real sense of style to your home, with unique designs and an eye-catching use of colour.

Blending fashion and interior design

Plantation Rugs is a brand that’s unafraid to try out designs that are wild, wonderful and truly striking. Take the Black and White Freddie Rug by Plantation Rugs. Just one glance at this rug lets you know that this is something very unique. A rich, geometric design combines with the flat-woven, low-pile design to create a rug that will really bring life and character to any room. If you’re the kind of person who prefers a splash of colour, you can also find the Plantation Rugs Freddie design in bright, vivid colours too. When you’re thinking about breathing new life into your home, starting with the rug might not be a bad idea – and these eye-catching examples from Plantation Rugs are the ideal choice.

A focus on geometry

The many Plantation Rugs we have on offer here at Rugs Direct are focused on the geometry of design. As you’ve already seen with the Freddie rug, the clean lines of such designs can bring a real focal point to a room. But the designers at Plantation Rugs don’t stop with the star design – far from it. Why not try out the Frankie Rug in Pink? The difference with this rug is that it utilises a square, repeating pattern to really catch your attention. What better way to brighten a room?

You can find a huge range of Plantation Rugs in our online shop – so why not get ahead of the crowds and get your hands on one of the UK’s next must-have rugs today? You can call our friendly team on 0845 838 8638 for some free expert advice.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Great Idea to Buy Quality Stair Rods!

Great Idea to Buy Quality Stair Rods?

If you’re looking for a way to bring an extra touch of life and colour to your home, why not consider stair rods? These can bring elegance, style and charm – all without breaking the bank… provided you make the right choice.  
The reason for that is simple: stair rods are the very best way to do that. Here at Stair Rods Direct, we’ve worked hard to fill our shop with the best quality stair rods, but we’ve noticed that there are some folks who seem to selling cheap stair rods – both online and off. We do understand that saving money is a key concern in this day and age, but there are many reasons that cheap stair rods are really not a good idea. Here are just a few of them.

Cheap stair rods won’t last long

Generally speaking, the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ very much applies here. When you plump for cheap stair rods, rather than going for the mid- or high-end range, you will no doubt find a differing build quality.  For example, cheap stair rods are often completely hollow (rather than being solid metal), which can lead to a shorter lifespan and make them viable to damage. This translates directly to a much worse long-term investment for you.

Inferior stair rods can be dangerous

Don’t forget that stair rods are often made of metals such as chrome, iron, or brass. What means is that when you have these installed in your home, if they’re not of a certain quality (or they’re not solid), there’s a chance they will become loose or bent and can cause a hazard. It’s easy to imagine a situation whereby cheap hollow stair rods bend on impact, and could potentially trip someone on the stairs – which can result in serious injury. Do bear in mind, however, that there are some hollow stair rods which are made to be durable and safe – you just have to be sure you buy from a reputable source.

Cheap stair rods just won’t look as good

We strive to fill our stair rod shop with the best possible products, and a part of this is the way that they look. With the right finish on the metal, as well as the right design, stair rods can bring a touch of elegance and class to any stair case. Unfortunately, cheap stair rods can do the exact opposite. Dull metal that tarnishes easily, bends easily and becomes difficult to manage over time are all part and parcel of buying cheap stair rods. In a nutshell, our recommendation is to simply never scrimp on your stair rods. Buy hollow to save a little money, by all means, but always be sure of the quality first.

If you want to avoid investing in cheap stair rods that are likely to fall apart (or worse), you need our premium range at Stair Rods Direct. Browse our selection now in our online shop, or if you have questions, you can call our friendly team on 0845 838 8638 for some free expert advice. 

Saturday, 11 October 2014

The X Factor: How a Rug in Your Home Can Be Transformational

The X Factor: How a Rug in Your Home Can Be Transformational

Forget the X factor; here at Rugs Direct we’re all about creating the ‘wow’ factor.

If you’re on the hunt for something to bring some real life to your home and you’ve not yet considered the addition of a rug, what are you waiting for? From traditional rugs with intricate patterns, rich colours and hand-tufted finishes, to more modern ‘less is more’ designs, you’re sure to find the rug that’s perfect for you. In addition, there are some other reasons why having a rug in your home can add a splash of character and true personality – so let’s take a look at some of these now.

For more info about getting a new rug in your home as quickly as possible and capturing the ‘wow’ factor yourself, you can call our friendly team on 0845 838 8638 for some free expert advice. 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Traditional Hall Carpet Runner - Celebrate the Past

Celebrate the Past with a Traditional Hall Carpet Runner

If you’ve got a long, narrow hallway in your home, then it’ll come as no surprise that you can’t simply drop a regular-shaped rug there and cross your fingers. What you’ll need is a hallway runner, also known as a hall carpet runner: a long, narrow carpet in a design that suits you. In this post we’d like to talk about one form of runner that seems to be making a comeback of late – the traditional hall carpet runner. Here at Rugs Direct we offer a host of differing designs from all over the world, so let’s look at what makes these so sought-after.

The top manufacturers of hall carpet runners

Just as with the other rugs we sell, hall carpet runners are manufactured by a number of different brands, all with their own unique spin on the item. We’re proud to offer hall carpet runners from such brands as Balta, Oriental Weavers, Lano and many more. These manufacturers are dab-hands at creating traditional hall carpet runners with designs that are both eye-catching and give a gentle homage to the past. Even better, these hallway runners are often hand-tufted – meaning they’re even more durable and long-lasting.

The intricate details of traditional hall carpet runners

One thing that sets this type of rug apart from the rest is the traditional designs and patterns they so often feature. If you take a look at our range of traditional hall carpet runners, you’ll quickly notice a running theme of exquisite, intricate patterning along with rich, deep colours. These are a far cry from many of the modern designs you see nowadays, and each one is unique in its own way. You’ll notice subtle differences depending on location too: oriental hall carpet runners will usually feature similar but different patterns to those from India, for example.

Give your home the ‘wow’ factor

In addition to the rich heritage and detailing of a traditional hall carpet runner, you’ll also benefit from something a little less tangible. There’s a real sense of amazement that classic patterns and designs like these can provide to a home. When your guests first step through your front door to be greeted by your eye-catching traditional hall carpet runner – well, let’s just say you can expect more than a few compliments! A traditional hall carpet runner is a superb addition to any home, bringing balance to any hallway and adding a focal point at the same time.

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Buy the right Underlay

How Do You Choose the Best Rug Underlay? Here’s the Answer

If you’ve ever stepped on a rug only for it to slide out from under your feet, you’ll know exactly why anti-slip rug underlay is so important. But how exactly do you know what the best rug underlay is for you? Well, here at Rugs Direct we’re experts in this particular area, so we thought we’d jot down our top tips on picking out the best rug underlay for your home.

Step 1: Identify your exact needs

In order to find the best rug underlay, you first need to know which type of underlay you require. For example, in our shop we offer two distinct variants: one works for rugs that are placed on smooth surfaces (like wooden floors) and the other is designed for use with carpeted floors. You’ll know which of these will help you find the best rug underlay.

Step 2: Measure your dimensions

To set up your rug underlay correctly, it’ll need to be sized just right so that it sits seamlessly with your existing rug. All of the best rug underlays will be practically invisible once installed. We always recommend that you measure you existing rug in either centimetres or inches. You might also need a strong pair of scissors once the underlay arrives, as sometimes it’s slightly oversized to account for measuring tool discrepancies. We find that the best rug underlay is provided with a maximum width of 160-180 centimetres, but if yours exceeds this, you can simply use more than one piece. This won’t affect the efficiency of the rug underlay in any way at all.

Step 3: Enjoy the very best rug underlay

That’s really all there is to it: once you’ve measured the dimensions and provided them to us, along with whether you need smooth surface or carpet rug underlay, you’re all set. The best rug underlays we use for smooth surfaces are manufactured by Profilo, whilst the carpet rug underlays are by Top Fleece 2. Both of these brands are widely recognised as being top quality, highly trustworthy and – perhaps most importantly – durable and built to last.
We’ve got a flexible ordering process for our rug underlay, meaning it’s never been easier to discover the best rug underlay.

Just follow the easy steps we’ve listed above, then simply pop to our website and enter the details.

For more info, you can call our friendly team on 0845 838 8638 for some free expert advice.