Friday, 17 October 2014

Teal Rugs; Bringing a Splash of Colour to your Home

Every year it seems there’s a new colour that’s the year’s must-have. And because you’ve read the title already, you may well have guessed that 2014 is all about… that’s right: teal.
Perhaps the best way to describe teal is that it’s an almost perfect mix of green and blue. A peppy, vibrant colour with a lot of life, it’s no surprise that teal rugs are proving so popular this year. And here at Rugs Direct we’re never ones to shirk the trends, so we’ve got a host of superb teal rugs for you to try out for size. Here are our favourites.

Whisper Dark Teal Rug

If textured rugs are your thing, then you’ll just love this Whisper Dark Teal Rug. Crafted with a long pile to give a soft sheen, this rug is made in China from 100% polyester. Its rich teal colouring is enhanced by the design of the pile itself, with shades of light and dark appearing in its midst depending on the way each fibre has fallen. A truly eye-catching teal rug that’ll be at home in any room.

Nina Blossom Teal Rug

Made in Egypt using a hard-wearing material to ensure this teal rug will stand the test of time, the Nina Blossom Teal Rug is one of our customers’ favourites. Immediately striking, the rug is notable for its intricate and ornate design which uses teal as its backdrop. The design is hand-carved into the rug, making every one of these teal rugs a truly unique and individual piece.

The Peaks Matlock Teal Rugs

The Peaks Matlock Teal Rugs are actually a collection of rugs that are a true celebration of the colour. Made from a durable 100% acrylic material, this is a hard-wearing teal rug – but the real star of this show is the eye-catching design. Rather than simply sticking with a flat teal colour all the way through, this range of rugs uses unique patterns to explore the various shades of teal – and it’s something that makes them truly special.

Are you ready to bring a real splash of colour to your home with one of our teal rugs? Then why not explore our ever-growing range of teal rugs today? And if you have any questions, you can call our friendly team on 0845 838 8638 for some free expert advice.

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