Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Plantation Rugs: The UK’s Next Must-Have Rug Brand?

Finding the right rug for your home isn’t always an easy task – especially when there are so many options, brands, and styles. That’s why we like to highlight specific brands every now and then to give you the low-down on the latest trends in the rug world. Today we’d like to highlight Plantation Rugs. With a long history of creating luxurious, hand-tufted and fashionable rugs, this is a brand you can trust to produce rugs that are truly second to none.

A century of rug-making experience

Plantation Rugs has been producing high quality rugs since the 1930s. With almost a century of experience, you can be sure that Plantation Rugs are the best of the best – and it’s a business that’s proud to do things a bit differently. Unlike some other rug manufacturers, Plantation Rugs focuses on creating pieces with a fashionable sensibility. It aims to craft rugs that bring a real sense of style to your home, with unique designs and an eye-catching use of colour.

Blending fashion and interior design

Plantation Rugs is a brand that’s unafraid to try out designs that are wild, wonderful and truly striking. Take the Black and White Freddie Rug by Plantation Rugs. Just one glance at this rug lets you know that this is something very unique. A rich, geometric design combines with the flat-woven, low-pile design to create a rug that will really bring life and character to any room. If you’re the kind of person who prefers a splash of colour, you can also find the Plantation Rugs Freddie design in bright, vivid colours too. When you’re thinking about breathing new life into your home, starting with the rug might not be a bad idea – and these eye-catching examples from Plantation Rugs are the ideal choice.

A focus on geometry

The many Plantation Rugs we have on offer here at Rugs Direct are focused on the geometry of design. As you’ve already seen with the Freddie rug, the clean lines of such designs can bring a real focal point to a room. But the designers at Plantation Rugs don’t stop with the star design – far from it. Why not try out the Frankie Rug in Pink? The difference with this rug is that it utilises a square, repeating pattern to really catch your attention. What better way to brighten a room?

You can find a huge range of Plantation Rugs in our online shop – so why not get ahead of the crowds and get your hands on one of the UK’s next must-have rugs today? You can call our friendly team on 0845 838 8638 for some free expert advice.

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