Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Stair Carpet Rods - Reasons they have a Place in your Home.

4 Reasons Stair Carpet Rods Have a Place in the Modern Home

If you want your home to have an elegant, timeless look with just a touch of the traditional, stair carpet rods are the perfect choice. These eye-catching accoutrements are far from outdated – so we’ve collected four of the very best reasons that stair carpet rods still have a place in the modern home. Let’s get started…

#4: Stair carpet rods neaten uneven carpet

If you already have carpet on your stairs, you may have noticed that there can be some ‘give’ or a loose fit around the corners where stairs meet. Stair carpet rods elegantly solve this problem. By installing a set of high quality, premium stair rods – like those we sell here at Stair Rods Direct – you can quickly and easily neaten up your stairs and bring a real touch of ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your house.

#3: An affordable way to improve interior design

Because stair carpet rods can be purchased in units as low as one, and because there are so many options available, they are a highly affordable interior design choice. There are generally two ends of the spectrum for stair carpet rods: hollow rods and solid rods. The former can be more affordable than the latter, though perhaps less hard wearing, but each can bring a sparkle to your home and improve the d├ęcor in one easy step.

#2: A huge range of styles and colours

If you thought stair carpet rods were boring – think again. Stair carpet rods are available in a wide range of builds (including both solid and hollow), as well as numerous metallic finishes and colours. You can also choose custom brackets for your stair carpet rods to complete the look, many of which have intricately designed tips for an extra hint of interest.

#1: They bring a touch of tradition (and look great)

Stair carpet rods are not overly common, which makes them something of a focal point in any home. If you’re looking for a way to pay homage to tradition whilst also maintaining that 21st Century design aesthetic, stair carpet rods can be the answer. With the wide variety of styles – including Easyrods, Tudor, Blacksmith and Homepride – stair carpet rods can be the perfection addition to your home.

To find your perfect stair carpet rods now, why not explore our ever-growing range of stair carpet rods? Or simply give us a call on 0845 838 8638.

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