Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Traditional Hall Carpet Runner - Celebrate the Past

Celebrate the Past with a Traditional Hall Carpet Runner

If you’ve got a long, narrow hallway in your home, then it’ll come as no surprise that you can’t simply drop a regular-shaped rug there and cross your fingers. What you’ll need is a hallway runner, also known as a hall carpet runner: a long, narrow carpet in a design that suits you. In this post we’d like to talk about one form of runner that seems to be making a comeback of late – the traditional hall carpet runner. Here at Rugs Direct we offer a host of differing designs from all over the world, so let’s look at what makes these so sought-after.

The top manufacturers of hall carpet runners

Just as with the other rugs we sell, hall carpet runners are manufactured by a number of different brands, all with their own unique spin on the item. We’re proud to offer hall carpet runners from such brands as Balta, Oriental Weavers, Lano and many more. These manufacturers are dab-hands at creating traditional hall carpet runners with designs that are both eye-catching and give a gentle homage to the past. Even better, these hallway runners are often hand-tufted – meaning they’re even more durable and long-lasting.

The intricate details of traditional hall carpet runners

One thing that sets this type of rug apart from the rest is the traditional designs and patterns they so often feature. If you take a look at our range of traditional hall carpet runners, you’ll quickly notice a running theme of exquisite, intricate patterning along with rich, deep colours. These are a far cry from many of the modern designs you see nowadays, and each one is unique in its own way. You’ll notice subtle differences depending on location too: oriental hall carpet runners will usually feature similar but different patterns to those from India, for example.

Give your home the ‘wow’ factor

In addition to the rich heritage and detailing of a traditional hall carpet runner, you’ll also benefit from something a little less tangible. There’s a real sense of amazement that classic patterns and designs like these can provide to a home. When your guests first step through your front door to be greeted by your eye-catching traditional hall carpet runner – well, let’s just say you can expect more than a few compliments! A traditional hall carpet runner is a superb addition to any home, bringing balance to any hallway and adding a focal point at the same time.

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