Thursday, 2 October 2014

Buy the right Underlay

How Do You Choose the Best Rug Underlay? Here’s the Answer

If you’ve ever stepped on a rug only for it to slide out from under your feet, you’ll know exactly why anti-slip rug underlay is so important. But how exactly do you know what the best rug underlay is for you? Well, here at Rugs Direct we’re experts in this particular area, so we thought we’d jot down our top tips on picking out the best rug underlay for your home.

Step 1: Identify your exact needs

In order to find the best rug underlay, you first need to know which type of underlay you require. For example, in our shop we offer two distinct variants: one works for rugs that are placed on smooth surfaces (like wooden floors) and the other is designed for use with carpeted floors. You’ll know which of these will help you find the best rug underlay.

Step 2: Measure your dimensions

To set up your rug underlay correctly, it’ll need to be sized just right so that it sits seamlessly with your existing rug. All of the best rug underlays will be practically invisible once installed. We always recommend that you measure you existing rug in either centimetres or inches. You might also need a strong pair of scissors once the underlay arrives, as sometimes it’s slightly oversized to account for measuring tool discrepancies. We find that the best rug underlay is provided with a maximum width of 160-180 centimetres, but if yours exceeds this, you can simply use more than one piece. This won’t affect the efficiency of the rug underlay in any way at all.

Step 3: Enjoy the very best rug underlay

That’s really all there is to it: once you’ve measured the dimensions and provided them to us, along with whether you need smooth surface or carpet rug underlay, you’re all set. The best rug underlays we use for smooth surfaces are manufactured by Profilo, whilst the carpet rug underlays are by Top Fleece 2. Both of these brands are widely recognised as being top quality, highly trustworthy and – perhaps most importantly – durable and built to last.
We’ve got a flexible ordering process for our rug underlay, meaning it’s never been easier to discover the best rug underlay.

Just follow the easy steps we’ve listed above, then simply pop to our website and enter the details.

For more info, you can call our friendly team on 0845 838 8638 for some free expert advice. 

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