Friday, 31 October 2014

Shaggy Rugs: The UK's Next Favourite Rug?

Shaggy Rugs: The UK's Next Favourite Rug?

Just as in any industry, the tastes and trends within the world or rugs is always in flux.
The popularity of certain types of rug can wax and wane at almost any time, and we’re always surprised to learn about which specific rug will be the nation’s new favourite. Well, from the looks of recent history, shaggy rugs are the newest ‘must-have’ rug for the UK. So is this a shaggy rug renaissance, or just a flash in the pan? Let’s find out.

The history of shaggy rugs

The long pile shaggy rug has always been a relatively popular choice in the UK. Way back in the 1960s when rugs like this were first imported from countries like China and India, shaggy rugs took off in a big way. You only need to look at some of the memorabilia or movies from that era to see the specific type of shaggy rug that seemed to be prevalent on almost every floor. Vivid colours were big time too, with lots of bright and colourful designs in the midst of that long pile. Classic shaggy rug designs, like the Cascade Rugs, have always been popular – but recently they’re really catching on.

The role of texture and feel

One of the style choices you’ll see in lots of modern interior design is texture – and that’s not just in relation to shaggy rugs. From wallpaper to flooring, cushions to bedding, the way things feel is becoming more important in the 21st Century. That could explain the surge in popularity of shaggy rugs such as the Dumroo Rugs range. Made from textured pile for an effortlessly soft touch, it’s no wonder shaggy rugs like this are so sought-after.

Is a shaggy rug for you?

It’s not always obvious whether or not a specific rug type will be good for your home. That’s why we recommend that you browse all available rugs before making your decision. The shaggy rugs can really bring a touch of elegance to a room, with the luxurious long pile and often very soft materials used. Colours are extensive too, with palettes ranging from flat block colours to rainbow-like expressions of real character. So be sure to look at all of our shaggy rugs before you join the latest revolution in rugs!

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