Thursday, 30 October 2014

Modern Rugs this Halloween

The Weird (and Sometimes Spooky) World of Modern Rugs

With Halloween just around the corner, what better time to explore the more characterful side of modern rugs? It’s not all plain colours and square cuts, don’t you know!

It’s easy to see why some may feel that modern rugs could be a little staid or bland; after all, many of the modern rugs chosen by show homes and even interior design shops are just that way. But there’s a whole world of choice out there for people who want real character in their rugs. So let’s look at those rugs in more detail.

Glowy Spirit Modern Rugs

We’re not sure if glow in the dark modern rugs really count as ‘spooky’, but we had to get something in to justify the headline… right? Examples like the Glowy Spirit Wish rug showcase the addition of glow in the dark elements to great effect. All it takes is one glance to see just what kind of personality a rug like this can bring to a room. In addition to that eerie glow, these hand-tufted Chinese rugs are made of top quality fibres and feel great underfoot too.

Bazaar Indra Modern Rugs

If you want something that’s going to turn heads and really fall into the more unusual category of modern rugs, you want a Bazaar Indra rug. With a softly middle-eastern style, each of these rugs is essentially unique. This is because these are modern rugs made from recycled patches of other rugs. Just take a look: you can see that each square has a character all its own. You won’t find any modern rug that’s as unusual or eye-catching as a Bazaar Indra modern rug.

Harlequin Scroll and Dotty rugs

It takes a lot for a modern rug to truly stand out; a combination of both vibrant colours and intricate patterning. With the Harlequin Scroll and Dotty modern rugs, you get both of those elements and much more. Hand-tufted in China and made from a hard-wearing acrylic yarn, these eye-catching rugs will stand the test of time – and then some! The design itself is completely unique in the world of modern rugs, and it’s something that will easily become the focal point for any room in your home. Why not give it a shot for some real spice this October?

See… who knew that modern rugs had a spooky side? If you have any questions about the modern rugs we offer, you can call our team on 0845 838 8638 for some free expert advice. 

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