Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Rugs Direct - Newsletter - 29/8/12

This week’s newsletter from Rugs Direct features the innovative Dutch rug designers Arte Espina and highlights some of their renowned contemporary rug collections. 

Arte Espina rugs are hand tufted in China in a range of funky, modern and plain styles. Glorious colours and textures are their trademark, often using their own acrylic yarn called Espirelle. The pile is always luxuriously soft on these good quality rugs and they often feature a textured surface adding to the chic contemporary feel of these very modern rugs. The colours are always vibrant and the designs range from the classic to the eclectic.

 Arte Espina rugs are well known for their high quality and contemporary design and are much in demand by interior designers.
Arte Espina also produce a range of colorful and fun children’s rugs. The range includes maps and animals as well as nursery and cartoon characters. The unique rugs will delight children and bring a cheerful warmth to any bedroom.

 Even their plain rug collections like Swing and Beat make a big statement. These high quality rugs are shaggy and colour fast with a pile height of 40mm and 60mm respectively.
If you’re looking for a bargain check out our discounted rug range. We currently have 2 rugs from Arte Espina on special offer, a Swing rug and an Action Painting rug.

For more information about Rugs Direct or anything related to the article, check the website out at: http://www.rugsdirect.co.uk

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