Thursday, 19 June 2014

Matching rugs for each room by using Rugs Direct Online

Matching your rugs with each room is an art, and with some simple thought, modern rugs can transform areas of the house.
If your living room or area has a door on to the garden then it is great to try and connect the two, when the doors are wide open. Now summer is approaching (I know some would say it is here!), it is time to start thinking about how will you entertain this summer if, just as you are outside the temperature drops a little and people would prefer to be inside or that light shower arrives just as the BBQ has been lit. You don’t want to lose that garden feel or connection as your guests enjoy the evening.

Using bright colours in your rug that match the flowers in the garden is a great way to connect that living room and the garden. Or if you have a hanging basket outside any bedroom window, match the rug with the window box arrangement and the eye will be drawn to both and create the connection with the outside.

A fresh bright new rug next to the outside door may also encourage guests to take shoes off as they enter the house, especially good when your parties are interrupted by light rain. Then you can provide your guests with a wonderful luxurious feel as their bare feet step into your house. 
The other benefit is if people step in from the garden onto the rug first without removing their shoes, then once they have gone you can remove the rug for cleaning and your carpet or laminate will still look wonderful for the rest of the week.

Buying rugs online can be a great way to assess which rug in which room, as you can walk around with the laptop or tablet and see if the colours are the right ones or that particular room

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