Monday, 23 June 2014

A Rug to keep your feet warm

You have had a long day, and you have a glass of wine in hand or a beer to drink. You have put shorts on this evening because everyone else was enjoying the sun all day.
You sit in your wonderfully comfy sofa, switch on the TV or catch up with loved ones, but in a few minutes you realise shorts this evening wasn't the right idea. Why? Because your feet are cold!

It is amazing how, if your feet become cold, then the rest of you can quickly believe the temperature has dropped. However, the sun is still up, and surely it can’t be that cold... And adding socks is not the look you were going for. So what do you do?

Well, it's time for a modern rug under your feet. Look after your feet and put a luxurious rug beneath them. Your feet will soon keep warm on these lovely long nights. Now a shaggy rug will give a texture for your feet to sink into. Feel the threads through your toes as you eat your dinner. 
Alternatively we would suggest a wool rug for this. Their natural properties are sure to do the trick. You could even put a sheepskin down for a great look; you don’t have to have cream as there are now many colours to choose from.

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