Thursday, 24 July 2014

Is Your Rug worth £20 million Pounds

Last year saw the most expensive rug sold at Sotheby’s auction house. More than tripling the previous record for a rug. According to Sotheby’s, the rug is a “sickle-leaf, vine scroll and palmette ‘vase’-technique carpet,” that is probably of Kerman origin, and had belonged to the Clark Collection.
Vase carpets such as this piece are extraordinarily desirable, a fact that was only underscored by the tremendous price fetched by this impressive rug. Upon the final sale of the rug, the room at Sotheby’s erupted into applause in a cathartic release of the excitement and energy that had been steadily building in the room as the price of the rug rose and rose.

Shattering pre-auction estimates and all records for the highest prices ever fetched for rugs, the sale of this magnificent Kerman marks something of a watershed moment, as antique rugs become an ever more desirable commodity and establish a very firm footing in the highest rungs of the art world.
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...and if you are interested you can even watch the 5 minutes it took to reach £20 million at the auction in New York.

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