Thursday, 18 September 2014

Hallway Runner; Brighten Your Home this Autumn

Brighten Your Home This Autumn with a Funky Hallway Runner

With summer on the way out and the autumn rapidly taking its place, it’s easy to feel like your home has lost a bit of its sparkle. So what better way to brighten up your homestead than with a funky hallway runner from Rugs Direct? We’ve got a wide range on offer, all of which have distinct and original patterns that can put a whole new spin on your interior design. Here are our favourites – but which ones are yours?

‘Jazz’ Stripes Multi Funky Hallway Runner
Let’s kick things off with something that’s truly colourful: the Stripes Multi Runner. Vibrancy is the order of the day with this one, as it features a number of different eye-catching colours including pinks, blues and greens. The perfect way to add real character to any hallway, this funky hallway runner has been hand-made in India from 100% wool – meaning it’ll be cosy on your feet even on the most blustery of autumn days.

Funk’ Multi Hallway Runner
From the distinctive ‘Funk’ collection of hallway runners, this multi-coloured Funk Multi Hallway Runner is the very definition of a funky hallways runner. Making the most of a pleasing block-based design, the pattern itself features many different interlocking squares, each a slightly different colour. This is guaranteed to add a vivid focal point to your hallway.

‘Jazz’ Block Charcoal Funky Hallway Runner
If you still want the design of a funky hallway runner but with a more muted colour palette, why not try this Jazz Block Charcoal Hallway Runner? Peppered with blocks of differing sizes, the pattern of the runner is sure to catch anyone’s eye, and the colour makes it ideal for almost any interior design theme. That’s one of the great things about the monochrome motif, it blends in anywhere!

Ives Modern Rug Funky Hallway Runner
Last (but by no means least) is this subtle Ives Modern Rug Hallway Runner. Does it qualify as a funky hallway runner? Well, it’s certainly on the borderline, but it does feature a very intricate pattern when you look closely enough. Of course, as it lives on your floor you probably won’t see it much, but still – it’s the thought that counts. This high quality rug is made from 60% cotton and 40% Jute, and is highly durable and easy to clean.

Whether you’re after something modern, retro or completely off-the-wall, we’ve got something in our funky hallway runner collection for you. Explore the full range in our online hallway runner shop, or call our friendly team on 0845 838 8638 for some free expert advice. 

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