Friday, 12 December 2014

Rugs: Don't be Square!

Don't Be Square: Why Unusually Shaped Rugs Are Making a Comeback

Take a look at any modern home with a rug and you’ll probably notice a trend: rectangles, squares and circles are all very popular rug shapes. It’s easy to see why; these are classic rug shapes that have stood the test of time. But there are some more unusual shapes out there that seem to be grabbing the attention of the rug-buying public. So what is that makes unusually shaped rugs so very popular? We at Rugs Direct think we’ve got the inside track on this emerging trend, so let’s dig in.

Unusual shapes make for eye-catching rooms

While it’s true that a classic rectangular rug can give a room some visual flair, an unusually shaped rug – like those in the Intersection 4210-41 rug range – can transform it. This example doesn’t just break the traditional rules of rug design, they re-invent them. By using right-angles and the appearance of multiple layered squares in varying colours, these unusually shaped rugs could easily pass for modern art, and bring a contemporary twist to any home.

New shapes mean a new approach to colour

If you’re a regular at the Rugs Direct blog, you’ll know that there are a huge number of colours on offer. But unusually shaped rugs give rug design a whole new lease of life. Another sub-set of the Intersection range, the 4209-75 unusually shaped rugs, have a very slapdash approach to shape and colour. An explosion of colours amidst many different geometric shapes, these examples really are unusually shaped rugs taken to the next level.

Unusually shaped rugs break from tradition

One of the major trends in recent times within the world of interior design is a rejection of so-called tradition. Call it post-modernism, call it whatever you’d like, the point is that unusually shaped rugs really do fit in nicely to this new aesthetic. They don’t feature any of the classic or traditional design elements, even down to their colour and design, and unusually shaped rugs are certainly anything but square! With more and more daring choices being made in people’s homes these days, it seems that there really is a place in the modern world for unusually shaped rugs.

If you’d like to explore the weird and wacky world of unusually shaped rugs for yourself, why not visit our online shop today? Alternatively, to quiz one of our friendly rug experts, just call 0845 838 8638.

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