Thursday, 8 January 2015

Vintage Louis de Poortere Rugs, a new Year Renaissance

Are Vintage Rugs Having a New Year Renaissance?

If there's one area of interior design that's been a firm favourite in recent months, it's vintage. From classic television sets to quirky 60s-style furniture, the vintage aesthetic seems set to get even bigger in 2015. In fact, vintage rugs are one area of design that have already been gaining traction -- particularly with our customers here at Rugs Direct.

So to kick off the New Year with a bang, we thought we’d explore some of the best vintage rug options that you may be interested in including in your home this year. 

Young Urbanite Beetle Green Rug

If you’re looking to add a touch of 60s inspired chic to any room in your house, you can’t go wrong with this Young Urbanite Beetle Green vintage rug. Manufactured by well-known rug maker Louis De Poortere, this rug is made from the finest wool and chenille on wilton jacquard looms. This adds a subtle intricacy to a pattern which is already instantly eye-catching. This is a vintage rug that will bring true life and vitality to a room.

Multi Black & White Vintage Rug

Another rug from renowned designer Louis de Poortere, this Multi Black & White vintage rug takes us to the other end of the colour spectrum. Featuring a flatweave pile for a thinner yet more hard-wearing pile, the rug is a real exploration of details. Hemmed edges draw focus to the individual patterns on each of the squares that make up this vintage rug – giving it a unique ‘multiple personality’.

Heriz Perisian Pink Vintage Rug

Does this vintage rug even need any introduction? A real explosion of hot pink colour, it’s understandable that a design like this Heriz Perisian Pink vintage rug won’t fit every home. However, for the right person and in the right context, this beautiful pink vintage rug can really make an impression. A durable design with a 5mm flatweave pile, the vintage rug includes a hand-sewn finish for that extra personal touch that other vintage rugs can’t match.

If you’ve not yet made a decision on which interior design you’ll be exploring in 2015, why not start with a vintage rug? You can explore our full range of rugs in our online shop. Or, if you have any questions about vintage rugs or any of the other countless designs we have on offer, just call 0845 838 8638. And before we forget: Happy New Year! 

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