Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Brass Stair Rods Are More Popular Than Ever Before

Brass Stair Rods Are More Popular Than Ever Before. Here's Why.

Whether you’re adding a stair runner or fitted carpet to your staircase, you’ll likely need a reliable set of stair rods.

There’s a wide range of choices open to you – including both solid and hollow options – but there is one form of stair rods that are really enjoying a surge in popularity: brass stair rods. As a durable and long-lasting metal, it’s perhaps no surprise that brass has been used for centuries for all sorts of purposes, but are brass stair rods really the right choice for you? In this article, we’ll explore what makes brass stair rods so popular.

A wide variety of designs

All brass stair rods will come with the essentials you need to fit them: brackets, finials and so on – but the actual design of the rods can differ wildly. One of the best things about brass as a material is that it’s very versatile. This has enabled the manufacturers of brass stair rods to try lots of different designs. For example, you can find the ornately engraved lines of the Country Front-Fix Brass Stair Rods alongside the smooth finish of the Crystal Runner Brass Stair Rods.

Your choice of finish

Each brass stair rod is already an excellent choice because the metal itself is so hard-wearing and ideal for use on a staircase. But just because you’re choosing brass stair rods doesn’t mean you have to settle on one finish. There are a number of different choices you can make for the finish of your brass stair rods which will not impact the structural integrity at all. Examples include matte black, polished brass or even gleaming chrome.

Brass stair rods can bring vintage charm

Creating a theme in your home can be a tall order – and it’s really all about the details. That’s why brass stair rods are such a popular choice just now. With more and more people trying to capture that traditional vintage look, brass stair rods have found their way back into the mainstream. Just take a look at a product like the Eastern Promise Front-Fix Brass Stair Rods and you’ll see why this eye-catching design is finding its home in so many others.

If you’d like to explore the world of brass stair rods for yourself, and find out just how durable and great-looking they can be, you can find our full range online now. If you have any questions about our brass stair rods, or need any advice about installation or anything else, just call 0845 838 8638

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