Thursday, 20 November 2014

Modern Vintage Rugs

Modern Vintage Rugs: Our Favourite Contradiction in Terms

To talk about any item being vintage and modern at the same time may seem like something of a contradiction – but it’s a very current phenomenon, and it’s happening with rugs too.

As trends and tastes have evolved within the world of rug design, older designs have tended to be left behind. However, there are now plenty of manufacturers out there who are recreating the essence of vintage rugs in designs for today. Of course, the benefits of vintage rugs as a consumer are significant: you’re able to enjoy the vintage rug design and benefit from the latest in build quality technology too. With all of this in mind, let’s take some time to look at our favourite modern vintage rugs.

Heriz Burnt Orange Rug

Designed by world-renowned rug designer Louis de Poortere, the Heriz Burnt Orange vintage rug is certainly one of our favourites here at Rugs Direct. Made using a unique flatweave pile, this is a vintage rug that’s not only celebrating the love of bright, vivid colours, but also the intricate patterning and detail that’s immediately visible on this eye-catching rug.

Multi-Colour Vintage Rug

Another showing from Louis de Poortere, the Multi-Colour Vintage Rug is an exploration of the ever-popular patchwork designs that made such an impact a few decades back. With hemmed edges and an anti-slip coating, this vintage rug is a perfect example of the classic blending seamlessly with the retro designs. With each block of the patchwork boasting a different pattern, this is a real head-turner of a vintage rug and will blend flawlessly with any surroundings – even the most contemporary ones.

Young Urbanite Beetle Green Rug

If you want something that really stands out and has that unmistakeable vintage rug vibe, the Young Urbanite Beetle Green is an ideal choice. Featuring an ornate pattern that instantly harks back to the fashionable designs seen in the 1960s, this is a real lesson in how to do a vintage rug right. And the intense green finish of the flatweave pile is the perfect way to create a real focal point in any room of the house – and is ideal for injecting a vibrant vintage touch too.

Have we inspired you to take a closer look at the range of vintage rugs out there? If so, why not take a look at our wide range today? Or, if you have any questions about vintage rugs or anything else, simply call us today on 0845 8388638.

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