Friday, 14 November 2014

Striped Rugs: Do Have a Place in Every Home?

4 Reasons Why Striped Rugs Have a Place in Every Home

There are few patterns as polarising as stripes: some people love it, others can’t stand it.
For us at Rugs Direct, though, it’s all about how you use it. A striped rug can actually bring a great deal of visual interest to a room, and we think there’s a place for them in every home. In case you need any more convincing, here are 4 reasons why striped rugs should have a home at yours.

Reason 1: A cacophony of colour

If you’re the type of person that’s easily bored, a simple flat colour rug simply won’t do. That’s where striped rugs can come in really handy. Because of the way that striped rugs are made, it’s possible to use a number of differently coloured yarns. This leads to a world of possibilities for the colour and design of striped rugs. Need an example? Just look at the Splash Stripe Rug.

Reason 2: Geometric balance

Let’s face it: the vast majority of rooms in modern homes are four-walled affairs, and very often square or rectangular. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense that a striped rug would blend very well into this layout. In fact, the clean geometric lines of a striped rug bring a sense of balance to any room that features lots of straight lines. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t take our word for it – give it a go!

Reason 3: A wide selection of textures

Striped rugs tend to be manufactured in such a way that they can be customised ‘line by line’. In fact, many rugs are tufted this way; but what it means for striped rugs is that rug makers can play around a little more with the actual texture and feel of the rug. For example, it’s possible to have a varying pile length or material for each different stripe in the design. Granted, these aren’t common (or even popular), but it’s possible.

Reason 4: Striped rugs don’t need to be square

Don’t think that just because we’re talking about striped rugs that they are always square shaped. Quite the opposite is true, in fact. There are plenty of striped rugs out there which feature unique shapes – such as this heart-shaped striped rug – but which still catch the eye and bring a focal point to a room.

If you’re sold on the excellence of striped rugs, why not explore our full range now? Or if you have any questions about striped rugs or any of the other designs we have on offer, call us today on 0845 8388638

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