Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Prevent Wool Rugs From Shedding

Our Top Tips to Prevent Wool Rugs From Shedding

Wool rugs are one of the most eye-catching additions you can make to your home, and one of the signs of true quality is shedding. That’s right: a high quality wool rug will always shed to some extent. But if you want to avoid the clean-up involved, there are ways to prevent a wool rug from shedding. Here are our top tips.

Reduce foot traffic if possible

One of the biggest causes of the rug’s pile being agitated and hence come loose from the body of the rug is friction. And one of the biggest causes of friction is foot traffic. So one piece of solid advice is to keep your rug in a place in your home which doesn’t serve as a throughway or a place where people will regularly walk on it. Of course this isn’t ideal for everyone, but it will help keep those wool rugs from shedding.

Vacuum the wool rug when required

If your wool rug is suffering from excess shedding, or you simply want to avoid the spread of the fibres across your home, regular vacuuming is encouraged. We’re sure you already do plenty of vacuuming, but paying special care to ensure your wool rug gets a regular vac is a great idea and will keep the spread of shed fibres from your wool rug to a minimum.

Use a quality underlay

Using a top-notch rug underlay with your wool rug is an excellent way to keep it at its best for as long as possible. It’ll be protected from excess friction with the floor, and the underlay will serve as a barrier against dirt and grime which can cause the loosening of fibres over time. This will depend on the surface your wool rug lives on, but using a quality underlay is always recommended.

Brush your rug regularly

It’s understandable that not everyone wants to subject their wool rug to vacuuming, especially if it’s a valuable item. Likewise, not all vacuum cleaners have suitable attachments for properly treating a wool rug. That’s why using a soft brush to gently remove excess shed fibres from your wool rug is an excellent idea. You can take your time and ensure that your woollen pride and joy is kept 100% intact.

With the right care, you can make sure that your wool rugs last as long as possible and look great too. To find the very best wool rugs in the UK, explore the Rugs Direct online shop now or call the team on 0845 838 8638

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