Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Elegance of Plain Rugs

Exploring the Understated Elegance of Plain Rugs

It’s easy to understand why many people would assume that plain rugs are really nothing special.
After all, having the word ‘plain’ in the title might seem like a bit of a giveaway. But in fact, plain rugs can be a superb addition to any room in your home, offering a sense of understated charm that the more intricate rugs simply can’t match. Let’s look at a few reasons why plain rugs might just find a home in yours.

Adding to a room but not drawing focus

When you choose to add a rug to any room, there’s a moment when you decide between a plain rug and something that makes a statement. If you go with the latter, very often you’ll find that the rug becomes the very centre of the room – which is exactly what you want sometimes. But for some rooms, the rug simply needs to add a touch of tonal colour, and that’s exactly why plain rugs are a great choice. They don’t steal focus, only add to the scene.

Consistent texture

While patterned rugs can really turn a few heads, it’s tricky to get a completely consistent texture, at least with certain materials. The reason for this is that multiple yarn types are often needed to be woven into the rug to create the design, which can disrupt the uniformity of the surface. Again, this isn’t the case with all rugs, but certainly for a select few. With plain rugs, however, you never need to worry about the texture consistency, whether you’re talking about wool, chenille, polyester or any other material.

A simplistic sense of charm

Ever feel like you want to get back to basics? For many people, that’s what interior design is all about. So if you’re looking to create a minimalist tone in your home, you can’t go wrong with plain rugs. With a gentle, understated charm, the plain rug really is the workhorse of the floor-covering world. Even better, plain rugs come in a huge range of colours and materials – so you can create the look you want without going overboard on the busy details.

If we’ve whet your appetite for a plain rug, you can find a huge range of them in our online rug shop. And if you fancy a chat about plain rugs or anything else, simply call our friendly team on 0845 838 8638.

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