Thursday, 5 February 2015

Rug Buyer's Guide for 2015

The Essential Rug Buyer's Guide for 2015

Buying a rug isn’t always as clean-cut as you may think.
In fact, many rugs once purchased are in place for a decade or more. With that in mind, doesn’t it make sense to put as much thought as possible into your purchase? We’re here to help with our rug buyer’s guide for 2015. So let’s get started…

Use the rug as the basis of your room’s aesthetic

If you’re right at the beginning of an interior design project, you’re in a great position for creating a beautiful aesthetic. In order to create a consistent style for the room, everything has to tie in correctly, so why not go from the ground up and start with the rug? With so many rich and intricate options in terms of colour and design, both modern and traditional rugs are a great basis for a room’s stylistic brushstrokes.

Scale the rug to fit the space

Remember that rugs come in all shapes and sizes. Some will allow you to tailor the size to fit your space, whereas others are of a fixed size. Whatever the case, when buying rugs you need to consider this element. After all, if you’re just looking for a nice subtle rug for the centre of a room, you don’t want it going wall-to-wall when you get it home! Be sure to pay close attention to the size options when browsing for your next rug.

Consider the stylistic impact of the rug’s design

Everything you place in a room will have some effect on its overall atmosphere and mood. If you have an established design with consistent colours, shapes and other elements, you don’t want a rug that’ll stick out like a sore thumb. For this reason, be sure to visualise the rug you’re considering in the space you have it earmarked for. Even going so far as using editing software to drop it in might help with this process!

Pick the right texture for you

The final pointer is on the topic of texture. Rugs come with a variety of pile lengths and fibre densities. These elements come together to create the overall texture of the piece, so be sure to look into which one you’re choosing to be sure it fits. Sometimes a big fluffy shaggy rug isn’t right for a room, so plan out your options and decide which fits best for you.

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